Monday, September 29, 2014

Our Evening at the Beach

We decided to go to the beach this evening just to get out of the house.  It seems that there is something different to see each time we go and this time was no exception.  We noticed there was foam all along the shoreline about 6 to 8 inches thick.  We asked three people why there was foam and got three answers.  One said because there is fresh water mixing with the salt water.  The next said because it had rained so much.  The third man, an experienced fisherman, said that the rain had raised the height of the river and that it was dumping all of it's filth into the ocean.  The foam was the result of the pollution washed in by the additional rains.  We asked if it affecting the fishing and he said "no."  It didn't seem to bother the bathers either.
have a great time in the foamy water

asking the locals about the foam
dried foam
waves washing in under the foam
fresh water (right) and sea water (left) coming together
We walked the length of the pier and saw guys fishes, families watching.
our first time to see guys fishing with nets

There were many well fed "mapaches"  (a type of raccoon that seems to have longer legs than those in the US).

this man was selling food for the mapaches from his bicycle
but they are expert beggars. 

these guys were stalking us aware that we were eating something (our granola bars)
and they stayed with us for at least 300 yards

 This is the rising river with the floating pollution being trees in these photos along with small things that we can't see..

fishermen heading out for an evening's work
The sun set at the beach while we walked back to the bus stop, making a cool ending to a nice break from the house

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