Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Mission Home Road

On July 6, 2104 we went to the Mission Home and were unprepared to see what had happened to their road.

So we decided to keep track of the progress.  By July 21, the rains had quit and they could smooth the road.

We went back again on July 28 and saw more progress since they had brought in rocks.

We missed much of the progress since we left town for our two week temple maintenance break.  By these photos on September 1, they had poured the cement.  Hermana Jordan said the cement needs to cure for 23 days before they could drive their cars on it.
This  dirt barrier blocks the entrance to their street.

But the road construction continues on the next block.

From Crockett Chronicles - 31 August 2014:
The mission home is located on a street that has been under construction for a few months now.  We have been watching the progress and taking photos from time to time.  The Jordans can’t park in their driveway and they can’t even park in front of the mission house or on the street and haven’t been able to since construction began.  He parked at the end of the street and around the corner after waving to the construction workers whom they are getting to know very well.  When we asked how they feel about their road being dug up, he said he will be happy to be known as the president who finally got the road put in.  He asked us if we knew the story of that road and we didn't.  Apparently several mission presidents ago, the city records show that the work on the road was completed and their muddy and rutted street is officially considered a paved road in the city records.  When the former mission presidents would talk to the city officials about paving the road, they would be told that the road has already been paved.  What proof do they have to show that the roadwork has been completed?  Well, it is by the receipts they have neatly filed away from years ago, showing the contractor had been paid for the completed work.  President Jordan spoke with one of the secretaries in the city office who is quite savvy about how things are done here, and mentioned there should have been an inspector coming to check on the progress of the work.  The secretary just shrugged and said that the inspector was probably on the payroll as well.  So the city is once again paying a contractor to pave the road in front of the mission home.

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