Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our First Ward Mexican Fiesta

Our ward Barrio El Jardin, announced there would be a Mexican Fiesta at the church to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day. We first met in the Primary room and began with a song and prayer. This part of the party was geared for Primary children.
These primary teachers handed out sheets of paper to write down facts about Mexico to share that others might not know.  Paul wrote that the city of Aguascalientes is the geographical center of Mexico. That means that if you have a map of Mexico and balance it on a pin, the point of your pin would be located at Aguascalientes.  Sherryl made a frog with her sheet of paper.  We aren't sure what happened to these papers since they were gathered and not mentioned again.  Perhaps they will read them in Primary.

Hermana Saldivar sang a song about Mexico's Independence Day and then had the kids join her.

The Primary is not very large but they are cute kids.

We moved into the cultural hall where there was more room and were too busy eating and visiting to take more photos!  There were about 40 adults by the time everyone had arrived and a lot more food..  We were told that the Young Single Adults had a dance later in the evening after we had gone.  

From Sherryl's journal:
"Paul helped turn on the A/C since it was hot and the adults sat in the chairs lining the walls.  There was a paper hop-scotch in the center of the floor for the kids and a dart game for the kids and they had a great time.  At first it appeared that they were placing the YSA leftovers on a table and after 7 p.m. people and families from the ward began to arrive with their dishes and put them on the little table and a few were up filling plates.  Hno. Acosta asked for a blessing on the food.  He then brought Paul and I plates of lasagna and that was good.  Hna. Acosta asked if we wanted tostadas and we said we did.  They have crisp little fried corn tortillas and she smeared black refried beans on those and queso molido and handed them to me on a plate.  We had a lime pop to drink and I finally got up to look at what was on the table and tried the sliced poblano and the mole.  Paul was sitting by Hna. Diaz and asked how to make mole and apparently it is from pumpkin seeds.  Hna. Perez had brought the mole and said would write down the recipe.  More people came and it got louder and louder.  We spoke in English to a RM named Adrian for a while.  We tried more food that Acosta prepared by putting mayo and cheese on large [9” x 12”] crisp chips and she and I talked about the cheese store near our house.  People began to leave and we decided it was time to go as well.  We walked home in the evening breeze and were home by 9 p.m.  I had eaten quite a bit and was happy for the walk."

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