Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This and That for September

We take photos of things that catch our eye as we are out and about each day.  Some of the photos develop into a story and have a blog of their own and others don't.   Here are the miscellaneous photos that we took during September. 

We noticed our neighbors had to take care of a water leak in front of their house.  Our house is located behind this house and we access it through the little alley way by the palms in the background.

About a block away from out house, they had poured a new sidewalk and had added a designer tile.

This is what a water leak hole looks like after it has been patched.

The Tampico Temple has a very long white metal fence around its perimeter grounds.  Paul figures that the fence is approximately 1/4 mile long.  The fence is made of metal and we live in a humid climate.  When the inspectors came they said that the fence is beginning to oxidize and needs repaired.  From what we have noticed, the workmen grind the old paint from each rail, paint the bare metal with a protective coat and then repaint the rail white.  There are at least 1/2 dozen men working on the fence each day and we are sure it will cost thousands of dollars to do all the work.  When we asked Hno Saldivar (former temple president) if they had done this before, he commented that the entire fence had been redone at least twice since the temple was built in 2000.  The black car in the photo is one of several parked along the side of the temple that someone has just parked and walked away from.  With four or five of these cars together, it begins to look like an unsightly automotive graveyard.  We were told when we first arrived that the church had paid to have other cars hauled off only to have the empty space fill up again but Hno. Briones said that wasn't the case.
Mexican Independence Day is September 16 and we saw these colorful typical children's clothing in the local grocery store. We took a photo instead of buying them. A little girl was dressed in a similar dress at our ward party.  
Not only were the stores' decorations preparing us for Mexico's Independence Day, they are also preparing us for Halloween and Christmas.

We were rather surprised to walk into H.E.B. earlier in the month and found not only this refrigerated shelf empty but they were systematically emptying all of the refrigerated shelves in the store.  We asked what was happening and where do we find the spinach.  A man helped us and said they were replacing the refrigeration unit.  When we asked how long it would take, he said they had begun early that morning and planned to have it finished the same day.  We happened to be in H.E.B. a day or two later and were amazed to see that it was all back to normal again.
This is the ATM that ate our Visa and it took from July to September to get a replacement card that works.
Located at the front of the H.E.B. grocery store.
Walking along the road we saw a sign reminding people to get in training for the 5K & 10 K races on November 9.  We won't be joining them.

The "camaron" (shrimp) is in a lot of stores and advertisements here like the beehive is in Utah.  This is a sign over the Camaron Vaquero or "Cowboy Shrimp" a seafood restaurant

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