Monday, August 3, 2015

Queretaro with Hno. and Hna. Torres - part 1

Hno. Torres was the first sealer set apart by Elder L. Tom Perry for the Tampico Temple.  Later, he and Hna. Torres served as the second president and matron of the Tampico Temple.  They were living in Tampico while their home was being built here in Queretaro, close to two of their children.  Hno. and Hna. Torres picked us up at Queretaro's bus station and took us to their lovely new home. We were their first visitors, other than their family.  They are very gracious and kind hosts.

Since they haven't lived here very long, they planned to take us to San Miguel de Allende the day after we arrived because they wanted to see it as well.  Once we returned from that trip, Hna. Torres stayed at home to rest but Hno. Torres wanted to take us to downtown Queretaro to get Paul some reading glasses and to get bus tickets for the trolley of the guided tour of Queretaro for the next day.

Queretaro has a million people in it and is one of the safest and fastest growing cities in Mexico and host to many international companies setting up operation there such as Kellogg's, Colgate-Palmolive, General Electric, to name only a few.

Queretaro is known for its aqueduct.  Apparently a very wealthy man from Spain fell in love with a nun and she asked him to bring water into the residents of the city.  It took at least three years and a lot of money to complete the impressive project.  There are 75 arches, each 66 feet wide stretching for 4/5 of a mile with an average height of 75 feet.

 The Historic Downtown of Queretaro has narrow streets. Like most historical centers, the streets were made so horses and horse carts could.comfortably meet and pass.

 Once the sun has set, many people gathered at the city park to listen to the music and to dance.

 We drove by the aqueduct once again on our way back to the Torres's home.

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