Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One Day in Mexico City

We decided to start our day by going to the Castle of Chapultepec that "has served many purposes during its history including that of Military Academy, Imperial residence, Presidential home, observatory and presently, the National Museum of History."  (wikipedia)

The Six Heroes Monument

We remembered how much Andy and Heidi's kids loved the squirrels here.
 We walked the path to the castle
The eagle on a cactus with a snake in its beak is the symbol of Mexico.  

Most Mexicans worship the Virgin Guadelupe
We visited the Historical Museum in the Castle that we hadn't seen before.

Emperor Maximilian's carriage

View from the castle walls.

The beautiful castle gardens.

We went to the Gallery of History and spent a lot of time reading of the history of Mexico as told on panels and looking at the ceramic characters depicting those involved on Mexico's road to Independence.  What we learned at this museum helped solidify the information that we had gained by our travels to the cities of Queretero, Guanajuato, Atotonilco, Dolores Hidalgo, San Miguel de Allende, and Mexico City so we thought it was worth the time we spent there.  

From there we went to the Archeological Museum and were happy to see that the Papantla Voladores were ready to fly again.  

We arrived at the museum rather late in the day but weren't in a hurry to leave since our entrance was free and the clouds burst open outside.

 We walked to the metro station under our umbrella and headed back to our hotel and our gadgets


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