Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Visiting San Miguel de Allende with Hno. and Hna. Torres

San Miguel de Allende' is where people come to retire.  We learned that out of the 140,000 people currently living here, 25,000 of them are from the United States, Canada and Europe. With an elevation around 6000 feet, it never gets really hor or really cold.  Most of the city is modern but we drove toward the historical city center with a history that dates back to 1542 when it played an important part in the silver trade. The city's name was once San Miguel after a Catholic priest but Ignacio Allende who played an important role in Mexico's revolution for Independance was born here so they added "de Allende" to the city's name in honor of him.  We drove down narrow cobblestone streets with narrow sidewalks on each side and buildings next to the sidewalks.

A huge cathedral with its many pink spires dominates one side of the very shady central park we heard many people visiting in English.

We bought tickets to ride around the city in a trolley with a girl explaining the points of interest.  Also, these trolley's support the local economy by stopping to lets the guests taste their local products and could see nice views of the city.

Water has always played a major role in the cities and they took us to the spring that provided water for part of the historical city.

While Hno. Torres went to get the car, we ducked into the temporary artesanian shop and liked a few things we found there..

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