Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Queretaro with Hno and Hna. Torres - Part 2

We were on the trolley by 11 a.m. for our official trolley tour of Queretaro.  We first went to an area honoring some of the notable men of the city that fought in the war for Independence.

 Across the street was a convent that now sells large thorns brought here from Jerusalem that are cut to resemble a cross.  Historically, Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian from Austria who was sent to Mexico to rule by French Emperor Napoleon.  He only ruled in Mexico for three years before he and many of his troops were hiding out in this convent which was put under seige by Mexican rebels. When Maximilian decided to attempt an escape through enemy lines--he was caught and captured.

Our fast talking young guide then took us to the Hill of the Bells named such since when the rocks are hit together, they sound like bells.  Historically, Maximilian and two of his generals were brought to this hill and were executed by a firing squad.  

Behind the Hill of the Bells stands a gigantic statue of Benito Juarez who is very famous here and eventually served as the president of Mexico for five terms.  He refused to change Maximilian's sentence " view of the Mexicans who had been killed fighting against Maximilian's forces and because he believed it was necessary to send a message that Mexico would not tolerate any government imposed by foreign powers."  (wikipedia)
Hno. and Hna. Torres treated us to lunch and then took us back to the bus station for the next stage of our journey to Guanajuato.  

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