Monday, August 31, 2015

This and That for August

During the temple closure in August, they installed security measures and that included moving the taller shrubs that lined the sidewalk to the temple.  They put shorter grass and plants and it looks nice but it isn't nearly as colorful as it was..

We were looking for a "before" photo of the shrubs that were removed and these are what we found though they are not an exact match.

This permanent security camera resides on the front lawn where the annual Nativity Set usually sets.

We aren't exactly sure how this big truck ended up where it is but there is a new mall going up not far from the H.E.B.

Paul was discussing the water leak in the street with the two guys who were there to fix it.  

A not-so-simple way to fix a leak.
We aren't sure if we will still be here when our bananas ripen.  

When it pours!  We began walking to church in the rain but were happy when a taxi came by.

 Out the taxi window but the water is a few inches deep in the street.

At one point we heard that the church was going to buy this lot behind the temple and the stake center.  The idea was that they would build apartments for the temple president plus the missionaries and remodel the stake center.  Looks like someone is going to build on the lot but we have heard that it is not the church. 

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