Monday, December 29, 2014

Barrio Jardin's Christmas Program

The Bishopric had prepared a program that began with the primary children and teachers singing a Christmas song from the Children’s Hymnbook.
The Single Adults had prepared a video by going to the homes of a few older ward members and we think they had asked them what is important to them about Christmas.  We knew those who were filmed but really didn't hear what they said very well because Josh Groban was singing so loudly in the background of the video.  The Bishopric then showed the “He is The Gift” video that the Church has prepared, and is available online. The Bishop spoke for a few minutes and it was time for the Christmas card exchange.  We did not see who received ours.  The ones we received were homemade and carefully decorated with a handwritten message of Christ and the hope He gives us.  Sadly, neither of our cards was signed so we don’t know who to thank.  We then sang “Noche de Luz” [Silent Night] and the prayer included a blessing on the food.  Tables were brought in, chairs arranged, and in a short time each of us received a styrofoam plate filled with black refried beans and tamales.

We enjoyed the evening and visited with the Saldivars who invited us to their family Christmas party on December 25.  I have looked up online and tamales have 175 calories for each 100 grams.  That is a good thing to know during this season of the year.

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