Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December - This and That

We loved the decorations on this yard that cover all facets of Christmas celebration.  They have a snowman, a Nativity set and a piñata for their celebration.  

It is tradition at the Tampico Temple to put beautiful poinsettias in the flower bed and to put the life-size nativity on the grass.  We love looking at the decorations as we walk to the temple each day.

Ruben and Claudia were healthy enough to make it to church on December 14th.  

After a trip to the grocery store, Paul carefully washes our food in hot water and rinses it in bottled water.

This beautiful butterfly came for a short visit.

We have a new H.E.B. store in town.  We were amazed at all of the handicap parking stalls that cover the entire length of the store.  As  it turns out, the two H.E.B. stores are equal distance from our house.

Time to change the calendar!

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