Monday, December 15, 2014

Temple Workers' Christmas Party 2014

We had our temple Christmas celebration on Monday when the temple was closed to the public.  All of the temple workers were invited to attend a temple session together at 10 a.m.  We had 41 people in attendance and that number filled the room and there were more sisters in attendance than brethren.  As Pres. Soriano thanked us all for our service in the temple, he also announced that we would gather for the annual photo after the session.  This was the first we had heard about a photo.  As we changed, Sherryl became aware that most of the sisters wore white blouses and dark skirts.  She felt rather conspicuous with her bright red blouse and flowered skirt.  She decided to wear her white sweater backwards over the red blouse and stand on the back row.  After the photo, we went to the cultural hall where tables and chairs were covered with white and our lunch was served.

Top Row:  Piscina, Martinez, Fuentes, Gonzales
Middle Row:  Verlanga, Vargas, Gonzales, Ruiz, Lopez, Camacho, Ping, Briones, Soriano, Ruiz, Del Angel, Martinez, Segura, Perez, Crockett, Crockett, Castillo, Meza, Roblado, Peña
First Row:  Garcia, Rangel, Olvera, Lopez, Aviles, Galeana, Lara, Briones, Vergara, Rodriguez, Papadatos, Nava, Rodriguez, Saldivar, Perez, Salazar, Villasana, Juarez, Cepeda

Sherryl's sweater trick seemed to have turned out rather nicely. 

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