Monday, December 29, 2014

Walking the Tampico Bridge

We really wanted to walk the Tampico Bridge this year and today was a beautifully sunny day and we got the backpack, put some water and granola bars inside and headed to the main street to catch a bus to the center of Tampico.  We walked under the overpass and curved our way to the bridge. We had the cameras and the traffic on the bridge was busy and cars and trucks whizzed by us and there was a man on a bicycle who greeted us as he drove by on his way up the bridge.

 Paul kept looking off on the other side of the bridge to see things but it wasn’t a good angle so after we had walked most of the way on one side, we hurried across four lanes of traffic and the barriers to the other side to take photos and we walked back to where we had started.  We loved being in the sunshine.

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