Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Powdered Sugar Story

I decided to make a carrot cake to take to the Mission Home for our Christmas dinner. The powdered sugar began in lumps and we had to beat it and sift it through a wire net before it was usable. Working with this powdered sugar brought back memories of powdered sugar in Caracas years ago.  Grandpa and Grandma (Ted and Marian) Crockett had come for a visit and she offered to frost a cake.  She got out the electric mixer and before we could warn her, she turned it on.  It was like an inside snowstorm with powdered sugar going everywhere.  They added an extra ingredient in Caracas so it didn't clump but they don't do that in Tampico.  Anyway, after massaging the hard lumps of powdered sugar for a while, we finally had enough and the frosting turned out just great, as did the cakes.  We took the loaf cake to the Figueroas for a Christmas gift with the recipe--she had asked for it while we were in Valles.  We took the square cake to our Christmas dinner at the Mission Home.  Guess what?  Hermana Jordan had made a carrot cake to serve at our Christmas dinner as well.  We served our cake and she saved hers for her missionaries.

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