Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cascadas de Micos

Then we traveled to a secluded area to see the Cascadas de Micos [Micos Waterfalls] and enjoyed the beautiful river and short falls tumbling over the rocks.  We were told that three rivers meet and merge in this area.  There are two ways to get to the higher falls that are back in the dense forest and we didn't do either.  One is to drive several miles around to see the falls from the top and the other is to paddle in a canoe up the river to the falls.  We just walked along the paths that lined the river.  It was so nice and relaxing for us to be out in nature for a while.

Hno. y Hna. Figueroa

Crocketts, Figueroas, Jordans, Watkins

boats for rent

vegetation on a vertical wall

designed sidewalks

This looks fake--like we are standing in front of a painting--but it is real

Someone had to go first from our group to the little island!

It looked  like a snake but is really a vine.  
Off the island to watch the river again.

She was happy to have her picture taken.
Mr. Crocodile in the sidewalk.

Bye Bye Micos!

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