Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day 4: Tampico. Here we come!

Mom and dad should be arriving this evening in Tampico. Here they are with all of their luggage, leaving the hotel. Their name tags are still in English, because using the temple as an MTC is so new that they haven't had time to get all the badges ordered yet. 

We stopped by the hotel to pick up Grandma's winter clothes, since they won't be needing them. The kids took Grandma up the elevator to the 15th floor, then down to the 2nd, then up to the 5th, then down to the 1st, then back to the 4th floor. They had a blast!! Grandma, was happy to be on solid ground again. It's amazing to think that it will be 2 years before we see them again, and how much things will change by then (and how much the kids will grow!).

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  1. They look great! Can't wait to hear all about the upcoming adventures. :)