Friday, November 22, 2013

Hanging Pictures

I haven't seen picture frames here but we have figured out a way to display our photos.  We have a 6 foot by 6 foot entry area and I wanted to hang the photos of our grandkids there.  Life isn't simple here since the walls are made of cement and we didn't have nails.  We did somehow inherit a hammer.  We walked to the local hardware store in a new area of town that we haven't explored yet.  This store looks like something you would expect to see in pioneer days.  There were a few shelves with canning bottles holding screws and nails and hooks.  Other items hung on the wall.  There was a screw driver set and a few rolls of wire and other things.  Paul didn't really know what I had in mind for the photos, he only knew that I needed wire and nails.  He talked to the man about putting nails into a cement wall.  Paul asked if he had a drill and he said "No. That is much too caro [expensive.]"  He suggested some little nails might work.  I found the thin wire I wanted hanging on the wall.  While there, Paul bought a rope he could use for exercising and rope is sold by weight and it cost us $8 pesos or about .61.  

A few of the local shops.

After our first bus ride that cost 8 pesos each to get a few groceries, we came home and Paul carefully hammered the nails into the cement.  After one of the nails gouged a chip out of the cement, we prayed for help and the rest of the nails went into the cement without a problem.  Sister Meza, our landlady, had left some clothes pins for us since we have a clothes line.  I am sure she will be surprised to see that I used some of them for decorating our entryway.  
Now we just need to find some vinyl letters to write something on the wall over the photos!

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  1. The dilemma will be whether or not to write the lettering in English or Spanish. "Bendiciones de Nuestra Vida" could work. :) Good luck!