Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Name "Hughes"

Often when working in the temple we are performing ordinances for sisters from other countries. I struggle when I see Scandinavian names with all of their "J's" or the French with their many voweled names.  But we all do our best and know that the Lord will take care of the rest.

It was interesting to me to hear these Mexican sisters struggling with English names.  It just seemed like a big mouthful for them to say "Mathilda" or "Susannah" and even "Marie" isn't simple for them.  However the name that really threw them for a loop was the name "Hughes."

In Spanish, the "h" is a silent letter and the "g" sound is more like an "h" sound.  The "u" is an "ooo" sound.  So working with the Spanish alphabet, the word "Hughes" would come out sounding like "ooohees".  One sister just looked at me and asked for help.

They seemed relieved to have help saying Hughes correctly.

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