Monday, November 25, 2013


President Ralph Jordan and his wife, Claudia are the Tampico Mexico Mission presidents. They invited us to the Tampico Mission Home for Thanksgiving dinner on the Monday, a few days before the real North American world would be enjoying their turkey dinners.  We were grateful to accept their invitation and we asked what we could bring and she asked us what we usually like to make.  The answer to that is "yams and apples."  She said to bring those.  She said she had seen yams in one of the stores.  We walked to H.E.B. and saw the ugliest looking yams.  Every one of them had bad spots and the ones underneath were moldy.  We decided to take the ones that weren't quite so offensive and we bought some roma apples as well to take home.  When boiled and peeled, the yams looked good and we baked them together with the apples.  Since we were having Thanksgiving on Thursday we made enough for both days.  Simply bake the yams and apples at 350 degrees for an hour.  Here's your oven.  As things turn out, 350 degrees is about 176.

We then had a dilemma.  How would we carry hot yams and apples while walking a mile to get to the Mission Home?  We had to be creative!  We wrapped our hot pan in a red towel and then guess where we put Sherryl's green scripture bag!  Did you know that scripture bags are insulated and waterproof on the inside?  This one is!  The yams and apples were still hot when we arrived! Paul said he didn't feel any heat while carrying them.  Amazing, huh?!

The scripture case hot pad.

Tampico Mexico Mission Home

Sister Jordan prepared a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner for the three North American couples serving in Tampico:  the Days, the Crocketts and the Jordans!  We are so thankful for family and friends back home. We are also thankful for the new friends we are getting to know.  We are very blessed!

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