Saturday, November 16, 2013

We are here!

Our home is very nice and comfortable and about a 15 minute walk from the Tampico Temple. We have unloaded our bags and are making ourselves at home here and just about remember which light switch goes with which light.  Today was our first day serving in the temple and we are tired.  We have spoken more Spanish today than we have in many years.  We were willing and we were needed so it was a good match.  On Saturdays, people get together and come in buses from different stakes so the temple is busy.  The temple is small but it has every needful thing.  

Brother and Sister Day are also serving in the temple.  They are a couple from Layton and have taken us under their wing.  Paul wore his first short sleeved white shirt in 30 years to walk to and from the temple where he changed to his regular long sleeved white shirt.  The weather is very nice and warm and Brother and Sister Day told us to plan on a trip to the beach a week from Monday.  Apparently Monday is a national holiday and usually our P-Day but a stake has arranged to bring a busload of people to the temple so we will be there.  Last Friday was the start of Mexico’s big  “Black Friday” weekend where shoppers go crazy with reduced prices and the shopping will continue through Monday 

It is our first weekend here and we aren’t sure if the nighttime singing that we heard will happen each weekend.  We aren’t sure if these guys are drunk or they just can’t sing but a barking dog added a new note to their song as they continued their ballads this morning when we left our home to walk to the temple. 

We send our love to you and thank you for your support in our new adventure.

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