Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Tampico Temple Grounds

One day on our daily walk to the temple we watched workmen building something on the corner of the temple lot and we asked what they were building.

They said they were building a "pesebre" or Nativity.  Wish we would have gotten more photos of this work in progress.

The Manger
We were surprised to see them digging large post holes in the temple lawn to make this very sturdy Nativity.

This is the Nativity in the evening.  The lights change colors and some times it looks  blue 
and some times it looks pink.

We think they did a good job.  It is possible to see this rather large nativity from the local streets leaving little doubt that the people who occupy that beautiful big building believe in Christ.

In addition to the Nativity, the workmen have put poinsettias in the flower beds for the holidays.

This will be the first of two Christmases we will be spending in Tampico.  We are going to learn how others celebrate Christmas without the snow!    

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