Monday, November 11, 2013

Mission: Day 1

We now have name badges AND our passports AND our visas AND our airline etickets so now we just need to finish the training.  We spent the day in the Salt Lake Temple watching training videos plus we went on a session.  We had a lecture on security and they told us how to be safe--no matter what country we are "walk with a purpose" and "vary your routine" and "if you drive, don't stop to help anyone" and don't take anything of sentimental value and if you are robbed--let them take whatever they want.  We are part of a group of about 26 people and each set of couples are going to a different temple to be ordinance workers.  We are finding "small world" stories--like the couple from Farmington NM who know Kay and Ellvert because they served in the Albuquerque Temple with them--they will serve in the Manhattan Temple. 

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