Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our Journey South

Well, we have arrived in Tampico. We were in the Salt Lake Temple from Monday through Wednesday of this week for training along with 28 other temple missionaries who will serve in temples all over the world:  Hong Kong; Philippines; Boliva; Peru; Washington DC; Palmyra; Nauvoo; Tahiti; Canada; London.  Our training was in the Salt Lake Temple where we saw the temple training films, were able to ask any question that popped into our heads and had a rare historical tour of the Salt Lake Temple.  Then we were all off to our different temples.   

Our trip into Tampico via Houston only had one small hitch when the agent couldn't read Sherryl's visa number clearly.  So we ended up being the last to get through customs but finally made it.  As it happens, Sherryl remembered a small magnifying glass in her purse that she handed to the agent to help in the process.  So that's a tender mercy for sure!  I mean, how many of you have a magnifying glass in your purse?!  We were to be met at the airport by Brother Briones who is the 1st counselor in the temple presidency so we called him Brother Briones all evening only to find out today in the temple that we were actually picked up by President Soriano who is the Tempico Temple President.  Oops! 

Our granddaughter Marian and her husband Damon are living in our house in Farmington and taking care of it for us.  I have attached a photo of Marian and us in our official missionary name tags.

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