Tuesday, February 4, 2014

El Centro - Tampico

Looking down one of many crowded and busy streets near the Plaza de  Armas.
We were standing not far from the store where we found and bought our set of dice.
"The Plaza de Armas of Tampico, also known as Plaza de la Constitution, is the spot most representative of the historic downtown.  Surrounding the square, one can see the Cathedral or Temple of the Immaculate Conception, the city hall and the DIF building (Department of Integral Family Development), all of which boast abstentious architecture and beautiful neo-classical facades. In the center of the square there is a extravagant kiosk built in 1945 made with pink stone. Around the square are two snack bars that are a long tradition in the city.  Their specialty is the natural juices made with fruits from the region, no doubt a delight to the palate for the commonly hot days of Tampico." (www.travelbymexico.com)
Shoe shine men with the Catedral  in the back.
These pigeons at the Plaza de Armas brought back a few memories of the plaza in Caracas.
 No one seemed to know that they could get the pigeons to eat out of their hand if they tried.
 Catedral de Tampico from the Plaza de Armas.
We think a car backfired and sent all the pigeons into flight.
 Catedral de Tampico
Tampico Municipio (City Hall)
Cute statue on the city street that is now only for pedestrians.
The day we were there, the Plaza de la Libertad [Liberty Square] was continuously circled by a truck with a loud bull horn with a recorded message advertising the circus coming to town.  This truck pulled a realistic looking elephant on a flat bed. The competing circus also had a bull horn but no elephant and were parked on a corner of the same plaza.  It was all rather noisy.
Either circus cost 30 pesos--down from 100.
Artisan shops
Plaza de la Libertad gazebo, pigeons and entrance to their underground parking in the front.
A note worthy building from years gone by currently houses the post office in the back.  

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