Thursday, February 13, 2014

La Gruta Restaurant

After we bumpity bumped in a car that needs new shock absorbers along a cobblestone road lined with places where we could eat local food, we finally found the high-quality restaurant tucked away quite close to the pyramids.  There were almost no signs along the road telling anyone where La Gruta is located.  It seems to be well known enough that people just "know" it is there.  A professional film crew was there setting up and making a short film of a family at the table not far from us--probably it was an advertisement.  We watched them out of the corner of our eye while we had dinner.  
Hermano Ruiz treated us to dinner at La Gruta.
It is a restaurant built inside a cave that can accommodate bus loads of people.
In fact, a tour bus was leaving when we arrived.  The food was very good.

As the name implies, it is a restaurant built inside a cave.

The contrast in temperature from the heat outside to the cool inside the restaurant is great.
Mental note:  next time wear a jacket!

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