Monday, February 10, 2014

Our $17 Apartment in Mexico City

We arrived in Mexico City for our temple maintenance vacation and very little to help us find our way.  We just knew we needed to get to the Mexico City Temple in San Juan de Aragon.  We stood in a line to get a secure taxi until Paul talked to a security guard and learned the metro stop was across the street.  We decided we and our luggage would travel via the subway.  We had people help us along the way.  Even at 6:20 a.m. the traffic going into the capital was very busy.  Finally we came out of the metro and found a taxi and for 30 pesos, he took us to the temple.

There was a workman weedeating the lawn and he helped us find Security who took us inside the temple complex and reported we had arrived to someone and went back to work.  We arrived earlier than expected.  Hermano Estrada came with a key to our apartment which had a large livingroom/dining room plus a kitchen.  We have a double bed and a large room with a bathroom/shower.  There is a fridge, microwave, plates, pans and eating utensils.  Hermano Estrada told us the pass code for the wifi and told us there is a local market that opens at 10 a.m. on Mondays where the missionary couples would get their food plus a grocery store. Good.  The apartment does have wifi--not soap, toilet paper, towels or shampoo.  

This is the alley we walk down to get to our door in the wall to enter into the apartment area.
Paul's finger is indicating our entrance.

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