Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Mighty Yank

From Sherryl's journal:  11 February 2014 - Mexico City

"Thousands of others were heading home and we learned that we were in the middle of rush hour humanity.  We took a metro through the busiest part of the city at the busiest time of the day and witnessed personally people cramming themselves into an already over crowded car.  Getting into the car was extremely hard but getting off was even more of a challenge.  We realized this and began the stop before to adjust our situation.  I was seated because a very kind young man gave me his seat many stops before.  When I stood up and Paul stood up it was a domino effect while someone else sat in my chair and those I had 'bonded with' for the past several stops saw our intent and tried to move to the side.  Those blocking the door access didn't think to quickly get out—let others get off—and then quickly get back on.  They held their ground firmly leaving no room to get on or off.  I just kept moving and making my way and saying 'perdon' and got myself outside that over packed metro car as the departure whistle began to blow.  I turned and saw Paul still two layers inside but I reached his arm and with a very mighty pull, I yanked him out of that car and he still had the backpack firmly gripped in his trailing arm.  As we walked to the 'salida' we had a little talk about how the Lord had certainly helped and blessed us still be together and what our plan would be should we ever be separated on the metro.  I still shudder to think about the 'what could have’s' on that experience."

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