Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Man Who Sharpens Knives Came!

Before we came to Tampico we were told we might have to buy some knives when we arrive but as things turned out, the new temple president bought themselves some knives and we got their old ones--which is fine but their old knives were a bit dull. We asked around and heard there is a man on a bicycle with a high pitched whistle who comes around to sharpen knives.  We are not home so much of the time but during one of our days off, we heard a whistle.  Paul went outside to see who it was and the knife sharpener was on our street and we invited him inside our gate.  He said he would sharpen anything with a blade for 25 pesos per blade.  So we hauled out knives--even serrated knives; scissors and hedge clippers and he sharpened them all.  He said he could do our blender blades as well but they weren't dull.  It didn't take him very long and he did a good job--even fixing one knife with a damaged point.  He has been in the trade for 30 years now and has a delicate touch with the knives.  He sharpened the serrated knife curves one by one.

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