Monday, February 24, 2014

Letters from Bryce

We write to Bryce each week and he writes back.  His letters are short and sweet but he is happy and successful.

February 3 he wrote:
I'm in New Port and we just had another baptism and it was really great this week has been fun because I got transferred and I get to go to the Portland Temple and we have family's that we are teaching on a regular basis. the apartment I am in has a pool table in it.  Keep up the hard work and the work is fun.

February 10 he wrote: 
We play pool every p day and we are teaching a family regularly. It is so much better here than in Grants Pass because people are much nicer here and I did my very first door approach yesterday and it went really well.

February 17 he wrote:
...this week we had another baptism it was good and then we went out to eat with the family and it was really good food. I had clam strips and they were good. How are things going there? This week seemed to go by really fast and the days are jumbling together like its one big day.... In case you are wondering I'm eating really well and no need to worry on that part. 

February 22 we received these photos from Jeff and Janette with a note.
 A member in Bryce's mission sent us the picture of their family with Bryce and his companions--one is from Woodland, Utah and the other is from California they seem really nice.  Bryce shared that hamburger it's bigger then he is the  other picture is one of his baptisms.

Jeff and Janette also mentioned they went for a ride up Monte Cristo and saw seven moose.  

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