Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This and That

We try to make sure that we have our camera with us as we make our way around our new world.  We take more photos than we post so maybe it is just time to post some random photos. 

Paul wearing his exercise clothes, talking to Andy on the phone and buying bread from our delivery man!
These are our ward missionaries who gave us a lesson in frying platanos.  Hermana Rivas on the left is from the Dominican Republic and Hermana Espitia  from Riverton, Utah.
Paul buying mandarins from the man who comes by our house with his horse cart. 
We wash fruit and vegetables with soapy water, rinse the soap off with regular tap water and then rinse them again with bottled water.  If we buy leafy veggies, we soak them in a special iodine solution before the rinse with bottled water.

For those interested, there is a wide variety of seafood available in the grocery stores.  

We like these smaller carts with a handle and wheels.

Let's see....what else??
Milk comes in regular jugs or the bags we used to buy in South America...only here it is refrigerated!  We can also get "milk in a box" and we usually do.

Grandma making Valentines that were mailed to the family on January 20th!
Let us know when they arrive!  

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