Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Africam Adventure

 We next went to another area of the Africam Safari called the Africam Adventure where the people walked around and the animals were in cages.

Carlos Camacho 

The crocodile's mouth didn't move while we were there but his eyes did.

We were told flamingos are born white and their coloring comes from their diet.
Their food is  micro-organizms from the water they strain through their beaks

ant eater

small deer

bird only known in Mexico and about extinct
 We thought of Nagini while looking at this critter.

entering the aviary

A stick of bird food cost 10 pesos and the birds flocked to eat it.

termite hill

We entered the kangaroo cage.



in the bat cave

bat cave

What a wonderful adventure!  
Fabian took us back to Puebla and our hostel for our bags then 
we took a taxi to the bus station for our return trip Mexico City.  

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