Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This and That for March 2015

Much to our amazement, someone on a backhoe was cleaning up the lot directly across the street from the entrance to our house. We wondered if someone was going to build something there.
However....a month later all that has happened is that the backhoe work stopped, a fence went up and a "private property" sign was added.  There's an ugly mattress on the side of the heap with weeds making their way to the top.
The sewer line running down 3rd Avenida continues to be replaced.  
The crane had to lower the boom between the wires to get to its load.  
We went to the bank where we have paid our rent for the past 14 months and found that it was seriously closed for a while. 

On Good Friday while walking home we saw these folks lined up and we asked what was happening and they were remembering the Savior's crucifixion. We didn't see the front of the line to know if someone was carrying a cross.
The new sister missionaries in our ward are Hermana Wildung from Round Rock near Austin, Texas and Hermana Hernandez, just starting her mission, from Chiapas, Mexico.

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