Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Africam Safari

The girl at our hostel arranged for us to go to the Africam Safari with a guide.  The guide's name is Fabian and he said the word "Africam" was created by combining African and Camacho who thought of the zoo park and made it a reality.

Several of the animals are reproducing so it seems to have been a good adaptation for them. We have many pictures of the many kinds of animals. They include ostriches, emus, elephants, probably five kinds of antelopes, hippopotamus, giraffes, camels, of both the bacteen and the dromedary, a couple of tigers, lionesses, flamingos, cranes, monkeys, water buffalo from India and from Africa, several kinds of goats and sheep, some with curled horns, a pair of white rhinoceros, and a pair of black rhinos. In short there were many, many animals. It took us close to an hour and a half to slowly drive through the area where the animals were free.

The worker was enticing the "baby" to follow him with some food
so people by the fence could get a better look at the giraffe. 

Fabian had us roll up the windows to the car when he saw the monkey getting close.

a white rhino is larger than the black rhino

a black rhino is smaller--is not black--and has the extra horn

Fabian said these 9 elephants were brought together on one ship from Africa.
We were told to watch Youtube's "cargas imposibles" to see how it was done.  
9 elephants were brought from Africa to Africam.


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