Monday, March 30, 2015

Flat Stanley Came to Visit!

Tyler sent Flat Stanley to Tampico, Mexico to visit with Grandpa and Grandma Crockett for a day.  They did many things and had fun together.  Here are the photos of their day.

#1 – Flat Stanley woke up early and wanted to watch while Grandma cooked some poblano chilies on her stove.  He knew that he had to be very careful and not touch the flames.
#2 -  Grandma told Stanley that they had two banana trees outside and he was excited to go see them.  There were real bananas growing on one of the banana trees.  Flat Stanley could see that they were still too green to eat.  He also saw brand new tiny bananas starting to grow on another banana tree.
#3 – Stanley was so excited to see real bananas on a real banana tree that he woke up Grandpa to come and see them as well.
#4 – Stanley asked Grandpa and Grandma what they do while they are in Mexico.  Grandpa and Grandma and Stanley went for a walk so he could learn some things and meet some people.  When Grandpa and Grandma need a haircut, they go to Ofelia’s shop.  No one needed a haircut today so Stanley met Ofelia.  Stanley is learning a few Spanish words.  He said “Hola, Ofelia.”  She said “Hola, Stanley.”  Ofelia and Stanley are now good friends.
#5 – Stanley and Grandpa and Grandma walked by a big Chinese Restaurant.  Stanley thought it was very interesting that there are places with Chinese food in Mexico.  They didn’t stop to eat there since it was still morning and they weren’t hungry yet.
#6 – Stanley learned that Grandpa and Grandma are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They are serving at the Tampico Temple and Stanley was excited to see where they serve each day.  Stanley was excited to see the big beautiful temple surrounded by beautiful grass and flowers.
#7 – By that time, Stanley was getting hungry but he didn’t want to eat Chinese food.  He wanted to eat Mexican food.  So they walked to the tortilla shop and Stanley learned how tortillas are made.  The kind lady puts the masa in the big part of the machine pictured behind Stanley and the tortillas are cut and cooked and come out of the machine where the kind lady takes them off the belt and puts them in a basket.  They bought tortillas to take home for lunch.
#8 – Stanley learned that some things in Mexico are very different but some things seem the same.  They walked by the Oxxo store at the corner and Grandpa told Stanley that this store is like a 7-11 in the United States.
#9 – While walking back to where Grandpa and Grandma are staying, they passed by apartments and Stanley liked the brightly painted houses.
#10 – Back at Grandpa and Grandma’s house, Stanley was very excited to see the avocado tree that Grandma had grown from a seed and had put in a pot.  It is growing very tall and is much taller than Stanley.
Stanley had a very good time with Grandpa and Grandma.  He had told them that he could only stay one day before he needed to get in his envelope and travel back to Tyler.  Grandpa and Grandma Crockett thanked Stanley for coming and said they had a very fun time with him.  Stanley is the first person from the United States to visit Grandpa and Grandma’s house while they are serving their mission..

Flat Stanley was sent from Tampico, Mexico on March 30 and arrived in Texas on April 30.

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