Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Great Pyramid of Cholula

To get to the entrance to the museum for the Great Pyramid, we had to walk around the construction.

They were making the road to the entrance to look like the roads made anciently.

The two room museum showed a diorama of the Great Pyramid 
with the church on top built by the Spaniards who built the church 
before they were aware of the pyramid underneath.

Also on display was a mural and some objects they found inside the ruins.

The tunnel was fascinating, well lit and we couldn't get lost.  

 We stood in the walkway and looked on our right and the stairs in the photo above were going up.  The photo below are the same stairs but these headed down from where we stood.  Both sets of stairs were gated to keep people out.
 We enjoyed exploring the winding tunnel and seeing the excavating work done inside.

Carts were used to haul dirt and rubble from the pyramid.
We walked out of the tunnel that took us to the other side of the pyramid.  We looked up and saw the huge church the Spaniards had unknowingly built on top of the pyramid.  
We made our way back to the front by looking at all of the ruins 
they have excavated around the Great Pyramid.

 There wasn't a plaque explaining about this statue.

We heard the flutes playing and joined others on the steps to watch the 
Voladores of Papantla make their amazing descent from the top of the pole. 

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