Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday in Huejutla

Huejutla's District Conference was Sunday and President Jordan presided at the over flow meeting.  People came from the outlying branches and the chapel filled before we arrived so we sat in a classroom and watched their conference on a flat screen TV.  We realized that this would be the last District Conference the Jordans will have here before they finish their mission in July.  The meeting was good and tears were shed because the Jordans really love the people here.  The district missionaries had come to the meeting and we finally met Ron and Ruby's grandson who was called to the Tampico Mission.
Pte. and Hna. Briones drove from Tampico Sunday morning to attend the meeting.
Afterwards, people from the congregation lined up to shake hands with and give hugs and "thanks" to President and Hermana Jordan.

No one was in a hurry.  We gathered the Elders who had not left yet for a photo.  
There are sister missionaries as well and they were also having group photos. Paul was handed cameras from several of the sisters so he could take their picture with their own camera.  
We missed getting  a photo of the sister missionaries.
Here is Hermana Jordan with some of the Huejutla sisters.

People just patiently waited inside or outside..

A full hour and a half after the meeting, President and Hermana Jordan were ready to leave.  
We had been told we were all invited to the district relief society president's home
for lunch and there were about 30 of us.  It all came together quickly. 
We ate in the shade of a mandarin tree and could smell the lovely blossoms.
We enjoyed their flowers as well as we visited for 2 1/2 hours.

This flower is a Toucan's beak. 
We thought it was shaped like a tie.  
Again, no one was anxious to leave but when the cool breeze started, we all helped to put things away.
Later that evening, a few of us walked to Huejutla's plaza.  

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