Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Cholula with its Many Churches

We walked up the ramp to the church on top of the Great Pyramid 
and went inside but couldn't take photos.  

We did take photos of the view from the top and were amazed by all of the church towers that we could see.  Legend says that  Cholula (pop. 150,000) has 365 churches—one for each day of the year.  We think this was the Spaniard’s plan but  “only” about 270 were built 
and "only" about 200 are currently in use. 

We had a young couple say "hi" to us as we walked back down the hill and they are members of the church visiting Cholula as well.  
There was a nice park in the center of town
known as the zocalo.  

We were hungry and decided to atop at a Chinese buffet.

There was a huge convent right next to the zocalo and we looked around inside of that before we  took the 20 minute bus ride back to Puebla. 
The murals were painted on the walls in the 1500's. 

They have mostly disintegrated but someone is in the process of restoring them.

This library was behind glass and has extremely old books inside. 
There were also four other sets of shelves this long.

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